Amazon Web Services

The tutorial assumes that you already created an account and you’re logged in to the Umbreo Dashboard. you will need also a valid AWS account.

Also for demonstration purposes we’ll be deploying the Docker blueprint, but Umbreo has more than a dozen handcrafted, ready to use Blueprints so you can quickly and easily get started.

1. Connect Cloud Provider

First, we need to create a new provider, so make sure you’re on the Providers page.

Since we’ll be using AWS EC2, Click on the Add button on the card representing Amazon Web Services (as shown in the screenshot below).

A form will appear, where you can give a name for your that provider (optionally, you can add a description too), also make sure to enter valid AWS API keys. Finally click Save to move to the next step.

If AWS API keys were correct, your new provider should appear in the provider list and have state Available.

2. Deploy Blueprint

Now that we’ve connected a Cloud Provider, it’s time to deploy a Blueprint.

To do so, let’s go to the Blueprints page and click the Deploy button on the card representing Docker.

A form will appear asking you to give a unique name to the instance (which we’ll be automatically created for you in just a minute), make sure you select the Auto provisioned option, choose the provider we created in the previous step, and then click the Done button.

3. Launch Instance

On the next screen click Launch Instance.

An EC2 instance we’ll be automatically provisioned on your behalf and configured with the Blueprint we chose in the previous steps. (In this how-to guide we chose to deploy Docker).

Give it few minutes and your server instance we’ll be ready for showtime!