A Stack is a group of instances ready to get assigned by a group of blueprints respectively, thus it’s a poweful way to get your instances working together.

The interesting feature behind using Stacks is the possibility to have shared parameters across the instances. It permits interaction between the instances.

Let’s assume you want a Stack that you will deploy to your instances, and you want the following Blueprints to be assigned to 4 of your instances :

  • Nginx Load Balancer x 1
  • Apache Web Server with PHP x 2
  • MySQL Database Server x 1

In this Use Case we need to have IPs addresses shared from the Apache Web Servers to the Nginx Load Balancer in order to have a Load Balancing up and running.

Shared Parameters

Each Stack has its own configuratble rule of which ways parameters need to be shared between instances.

In the example above, the shared parameters are managed in a way that each Apache Web Server instance shares its IP Address with the Nginx LoadBalancer instance.

What next ?

In the very soon, you will be able to define your own Stacks using our Umbreo CLI gem. But this requires using Umbreo in your own server.

Read more about Umbreo Endpoints.

You can visit the Umbreo Stacks page and start with your first Stack.