What is Umbreo ?

Umbreo reduces the configuration time from months to a few minutes and simplifies the process, so companies won’t have to depend on highly skilled system admins.

Umbreo’s main offering is Configuration Management as a Service (CMaaS), which means it has all the benefits of a traditional Configuration Management, such as keeping your infrastructure consistent, controlling the IT-infrastructure from a central location, dynamic inventory of the IT-infrastructure etc.

Umbreo is available in a cloud version and an on-premise version. Furthermore our cloud version can handle servers that are on-premise or in the cloud.

What is Configuration management ?

Configuration management is the process of standardizing resource configurations and enforcing their state across IT infrastructure in an automated yet agile manner. Configuration management is critical to the success of other IT processes, including provisioning, change management, release management, patch management, compliance and security.

What Operating Systems are currently supported ?

Currently we support the Debian, Ubuntu Linux distributions. It may work on other OSs, and additional operating systems will be supported pretty soon.

What Cloud Providers are currently supported ?

Read here.

How do I give feedback or suggest new features?

The best way to share your ideas or show support for existing ones is by drop us an email at info@umbreo.com

We’re always looking to improve Umbreo with suggestions from our users, so your feedback is important to us.